Simultaneous Analysis of Recurrent Jovian Electron Increases and Galactic Cosmic Ray Decreases


The transport environment for particles in the heliosphere, e.g. galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) and MeV electrons (including those originating from Jupiters magnetosphere), is defined by the solar wind flow and the structure of the embedded heliospheric magnetic field. Solar wind structures, such as co-rotating interaction regions (CIR), can result in periodically modulation of both particles species. A detailed analysis of this recurrent Jovian electron events and galactic cosmic ray decreases measured by SOHO EPHIN is presented here, showing clearly a change of phase between both phenomena during the cause of the years 2007 and 2008. This effect can be explained by the change of difference in heliolongitude between the Earth and Jupiter, which is of central importance for the propagation of Jovian electrons. Furthermore, the data can be ordered such that the 27-day Jovian electron variation vanishes in the sector which does not connect the Earth with Jupiter magnetically using observed solar wind speeds.

Central European Astrophysical Bulletin